May. 12th, 2009 07:38 am
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I gained... 5 pounds in a week? what.the.fuck?

ughn... this fucking sucks... it was hard to get that five pounds off the first time..

I'm not going to eat today or ever anymore. Its just easier that way.

at least I have class tonight that'll make me feel like I did anything good...

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Walked about 3 miles this morning with my friend~ she also found this old hoody she hardly wore and the best news? I fit it and its actually a little lose :D which is awesome news seeing as how I use to never even fit anything of hers :D so I AM losing weight/inches~

but its a really cute hoody... camo with black lace~ but... sadly it isn't hoody season anymore ; 3; spring is getting to warm to even wear t-shirts.. - A-;;

uhgn... my face is slightly burnt... and my feet have blisters... and I've covered basically both feet in band aids... XD

I'm so tired... I feel like I just want to skip gym tonight... but I shouldn't. Sides... I think it's to late to call and have them cancel me coming in or rearrange today's class ... ah well...


May. 4th, 2009 11:53 am
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so since I had that weird rash type hive break out Saturday, we washed my bedding (sheet that goes over the mattress, three pillow cases, and my soft green micro plush/fleece blanket (that I was so paranoid it'd pill up when washed)) my pjs (tank top and bottoms) and my only bra I can find at the moment...

Saturday our dryer decides to die. I'm not told until its time to go to bed... and apparently it crapped out in the afternoon (while I was zonked out from the allergy pill I took.) ... so instead of taking soaking wet things out of the DARK ENCLOSED DRYER she left them in their and was surprised when they weren't dry.

its now Monday and my bedding is now JUST starting to really dry... they should be fine by tonight to put on my bed...

but I had to deal with dusty smelling bedding in the mean time D<

seriously... if I had been told the dryer is fucked, I would of taken my crap and hung it up to dry :/ but no... to late... DX

I want to be active today D: I want to run on the treadmill, but dad is home sick and is taking up the living room... if I get on that, he'll make some smart ass comment, make me feel like shit/stupid and make me not want to do anything else today.

Seriously, I try to do something good for myself (use the treadmill/elliptical, drink a little more water, etc) they make these stupid smart ass comments which make me feel stupid or like crap, I get EVEN MORE self conscious, and not want to do it again.

:/ humph...

at least tomorrow is class at the gym... I've been looking forward to it for a while now ; 3;

its funny... a few years ago, I hated going to the gym to the point where I'd make up excuses to skip out on it... now I want to go to the gym and go to the class and be active...

the year I dropped out... actually December when I dropped out I fell into a routine... I'd wake up around 11am, eat (maybe), hop onto my computer until bedtime, which was anywhere from 12am-4am.... every single day, all the time.... for MONTHS.

yet I still feel like I'm on that routine... but I now WANT to go out... but I hate this neighborhood so I don't even feel safe to walk OUT of the neighborhood to walk somewhere... I DO NOT want to drive because there is just WAY to many stupid people out there driving and I don't see the point in learning to drive only to leave to a country where you'd be stupid to drive in a big city like Tokyo.

saa.... anyways... credit card is completely paid off and I'm no longer spending any money that isn't school related money. I have to wait till the 13th to sign up and if there is any sort of god I BETTER be able to sign up for the math class I want. It aligns PERFECTLY with Japanese... its the same days at Japanese and its only like... 15 or 30 minutes AFTER Japanese...

Though Solano... how long you plan on having MySolano down for maintenance? seriously fuckers, its been what... two weeks you've had that down?

oh and I FINALLY got my catalog for summer/fall.... at least I got one this semester.

oh and the game that I picked up a while ago, My Japanese Coach.... apparently has fucked up with a couple of characters.. I decided to do the writing mini game, where you write the Hiragana or Katakana characters without any guidance or being shown what the characters are before hand... me being the cheater I looked at the cheat sheet card, like... three or four times I was wrong but in front of me it was right... so I reply it and have charts up from the internet, two different websites... those same characters, WRONG!

so yeah... I'm glad I'm not using that really to teach me Japanese but basically as a review help.. I am picking up a little on grammar and sentence structure (I'm using that word loosely with the sentence structure XD) and I'm okay with spelling but get tripped up sometimes (the character will say the word, you spell it out... but the thing is... its technical sounding... er... not human sounding, robotic...) so I get confused, can't understand one thing... ga sometimes sound like sa or su and such... (yeah I know... wtf?)

saaaaa........ I want to work out... I want to go to school.... I want to go to Temple...

NOW.... D:

... gods I've listened to this song so much right now... its calming and relaxing... but I can't help but feel a little bummed/depressed listening to it... ; 3;

Food... T_T

May. 3rd, 2009 08:26 am
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So... for the past two weeks because I got an ear infection on the... 21st of last month? and I felt like shit for those 13 days or so I had to take antibiotics... like pukey shitty. So I did nothing but lay in bed, feel sorry for myself, and watch play through videos of the Silent Hill games, the Silent Hill movie, and such like that..

and I've managed to lose about two pounds... XD wtf?

anywhoo... I've also been watching 'How to Make ---' videos... and now I crave beef and tofu gyoza, Om-Rice, and Pancakes...

I'll be getting pancakes later this morning... but the others... specially the gyoza... I want really really bad..

I also want to play some video games... but that'll require me going to game stop and spending money on said games to play...

I have a play station two and the only game I remember me having is kingdom hearts (that I've never beaten BECAUSE FUCKING ANSIM KEEPS KILLING ME DX)

I also want a windows ran laptop so I can play more video games XD I mean... I LOVE my mac... but I miss gaming XD


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