May. 31st, 2009 06:09 pm
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haven't updated in a while huh?

well... recap of recent happenings...

went to Fanime on saturday, picked up some old '97 pokemon roller stamps that still work and an electrivire pokedoll. I also bought Miyu a purple and black hair bow as part of a birthday present but gave it to her after con to cheer her up a little because hardly anyone knew who she was (she cosplayed the broken neck lady from the fatal frame games) and she seemed really happy with that.

I've also bought a lot of things from y!j Auctions of pokemon things... majority are birthday presents for Miyu and Ari... some are for myself too.


Miyu, Ari, and I are getting into the idea of doing game plays and such and throwing them up on youtube. Who knows, if I manage to scrape together enough money, I'll buy myself a Dazzle for macs and then I can really record nice game plays instead of pointing my Zi6 at the screen.

right now I'm waiting for both Ari and Miyu to come over... Ari should be here after fixing herself and her mother some dinner and Miyu will be here in a couple of hours... she'll be staying the night too.

shes also bringing her PS2 and some games.. <3~


May. 18th, 2009 04:40 pm
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The maple pan I picked up in SF tastes SOOO good~ I'm gunna see if I can't pick some up at CSM...


I've started a Video project... it wont be done until I'm in Japan cause I need some footage from that ;)

hopefully I don't manage to screw it up somehow XD

maybe I'll show what I have so far? it isn't much...

uploading the video... fiddled with the settings so its much better quality ;)

the video~:

my Lucario and Riolu pokedolls came... SOOOO SOSOSOSOSOSOOO small and adorable ; 3; I LOVE the material ... so soft and pettable.. I just love them ; 3; <3


May. 10th, 2009 02:46 pm
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Carlson... your fucking pet gates SUCK.... seriously... if your door/hallway isn't exactly the size of the gate or the two extensions, your gunna have one hell of a time getting the fucker in :/

but at least the worthless mutt is blocked from the hallway which means we can have doors to the rooms open and getting air circulating which will make spring and summer bearable... until he breaks the fucker...

anyways! HeartGold and SoulSilver update~

Apparently your starters, Chickorita, Cyndaquill, or Totadile follow you! I don't know if its temperary (until the professor gives you them) or if its like Yellow and they permanently follow you OR if the first pokemon in your team follows you...

that'd be bitching specially if they allow D/P/Pl pokemon to be transferred to the game.. Lucario or Raichu or Luxray following 8D

and New Bark Town will have wind! :o like Leaf Town (new leaf?) with its spots of snow... so thats cool that their continuing working on the different weathers in places~

what I really want to know is if they'll have the Poke'Gears with the cellphone and radio function.. and that they have the thing were you can allow your mother to save half your earnings~

yeah I'm gunna import SoulSilver and get HeartGold once they hit stateside... XD

and I've downloaded the Keyhole TV program so I can hopefully remember about and catch Pokemon Sunday for more HG/SS updates... or at lest try to figure everything out... XD

Oh my..

May. 7th, 2009 10:28 pm
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I have blisters on my feet... two have burst which leaves... one very small one that isn't to painful/interfering...

my feet are sore as fuck and I hobble...

my face is sun burnt... and we have no aloe...

its warm in my room so I'm forced to be in just my bra and panties...


but at least~ I have two pokedolls to look forward to being shipped sometime this weekend next week (fuck Japan and golden week DX)


gold and silver remakes for the DS 8D Heart Gold and Soul Silver... faggy names but eh... I like a handful of that generation of pokemon, I LOVED the poke'gear that had the cellphone and radio deal... and I loved that the mom saved money if you allowed her too... I hope they keep those things..

but I'm not going to be like everyone else and masturbate furiously over the remakes being officially announced... I am happy to have new games, but seriously...? once they are released... their 'shiny newness' will fade away and they'll bitch for a new generation or remake of another game generation... -shrug- I'm just happy to have my pokemon ;)

but seriously... with gold and silver being remade...



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