May. 31st, 2009 06:09 pm
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haven't updated in a while huh?

well... recap of recent happenings...

went to Fanime on saturday, picked up some old '97 pokemon roller stamps that still work and an electrivire pokedoll. I also bought Miyu a purple and black hair bow as part of a birthday present but gave it to her after con to cheer her up a little because hardly anyone knew who she was (she cosplayed the broken neck lady from the fatal frame games) and she seemed really happy with that.

I've also bought a lot of things from y!j Auctions of pokemon things... majority are birthday presents for Miyu and Ari... some are for myself too.


Miyu, Ari, and I are getting into the idea of doing game plays and such and throwing them up on youtube. Who knows, if I manage to scrape together enough money, I'll buy myself a Dazzle for macs and then I can really record nice game plays instead of pointing my Zi6 at the screen.

right now I'm waiting for both Ari and Miyu to come over... Ari should be here after fixing herself and her mother some dinner and Miyu will be here in a couple of hours... she'll be staying the night too.

shes also bringing her PS2 and some games.. <3~

Food... T_T

May. 3rd, 2009 08:26 am
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So... for the past two weeks because I got an ear infection on the... 21st of last month? and I felt like shit for those 13 days or so I had to take antibiotics... like pukey shitty. So I did nothing but lay in bed, feel sorry for myself, and watch play through videos of the Silent Hill games, the Silent Hill movie, and such like that..

and I've managed to lose about two pounds... XD wtf?

anywhoo... I've also been watching 'How to Make ---' videos... and now I crave beef and tofu gyoza, Om-Rice, and Pancakes...

I'll be getting pancakes later this morning... but the others... specially the gyoza... I want really really bad..

I also want to play some video games... but that'll require me going to game stop and spending money on said games to play...

I have a play station two and the only game I remember me having is kingdom hearts (that I've never beaten BECAUSE FUCKING ANSIM KEEPS KILLING ME DX)

I also want a windows ran laptop so I can play more video games XD I mean... I LOVE my mac... but I miss gaming XD


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