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So I picked up this Strawberry Soda drink from County Square Market like... a week or so ago, still good. It also tastes good... but the problem with it is its so acidic that I can only stand to drink a gulp or two at a time... so I usually only take a drink once a day XD

but seriously... its like after I swallow... its like getting punched by strawberries X-x

there seems to be a theme with Japanese drinks... their either to sweet or to acidic..

= 3= and here I was hoping to find a somewhat better drink to obsessively drink by the time I have to leave for Japan... because lets face it... soda is expensive anywhere... and the amount I drink a day? yeah... my caffeine addiction would quickly put me in the poor house...

I'm not a tea person, but I tried Honey Milk Tea and Strawberry Milk Tea... honey was gross but strawberry was okay... but like I said, I'm not a tea person so I can't drink those without feeling gross...

blehh.... wonder if I can stop in at CSM sometime this week so I can pick up more drinks XD

Food... T_T

May. 3rd, 2009 08:26 am
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So... for the past two weeks because I got an ear infection on the... 21st of last month? and I felt like shit for those 13 days or so I had to take antibiotics... like pukey shitty. So I did nothing but lay in bed, feel sorry for myself, and watch play through videos of the Silent Hill games, the Silent Hill movie, and such like that..

and I've managed to lose about two pounds... XD wtf?

anywhoo... I've also been watching 'How to Make ---' videos... and now I crave beef and tofu gyoza, Om-Rice, and Pancakes...

I'll be getting pancakes later this morning... but the others... specially the gyoza... I want really really bad..

I also want to play some video games... but that'll require me going to game stop and spending money on said games to play...

I have a play station two and the only game I remember me having is kingdom hearts (that I've never beaten BECAUSE FUCKING ANSIM KEEPS KILLING ME DX)

I also want a windows ran laptop so I can play more video games XD I mean... I LOVE my mac... but I miss gaming XD


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