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Birthdate:Dec 4, 1988
Location:California, United States of America
'Kay... so Until I can figure out some coding for my profile... .... yeah... >.o orz.....

hang on... lemme wip something up DX

I'll be honest. I don't expect even a cent from anyone online. I don't know exactly why I'm putting this up, maybe a little sliver of me thinks that someone might through a couple of cents my way or something.

Anyways, I'm trying and working my ass to save up money to I wont be to much in debt when I enroll and start up schooling in Temple University Japan Campus.

So if you even through a couple of cents my way, I will be thankful, even if its a few cents.

First Semester at TUJ

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12012, ac/dc, ace of cakes, adolf, american dad, americas funniest home videos, animal crossing: wild world, baiser, big medicine, black sabbath, buck-tick, clearviel, clockwork pumpkins, collecting, cooky, cowboy bebop, crayon shin-chan, crayon shinchan, death note, devine maiden, dir en grey, dirty jobs, eevee, eivui, eleboo, electivire, electrike, elekible, elekid, em:ou/megumi ogata, em;ou, fair to midland, fake cradle, family guy, fat blue man group, final fantasy vii: crisis core, flareon, ghost hunters, girugamesh, gundam wing, harvest moon ds cute, hellsing, hellsing ultimate, hide, hora, jolteon, kagrra, kaya, kolink, kozi, livolt, lucario, lupo label, luxio, luxray, malice mizer (klaha era), megumi ogata, merry, miyavi, mostly true stories, orange range, panic channel, phoenix wright: ace attorney trial & tribulations, plushies, pocket monsters, pokedoll, pokemon, pokemon center, pokemon diamond, pokemon diamond and pearl, pokemon platinum, raichu, rakurai, rentorar, riolu, risk un logic, sadie, sailor moon series, scariest places on earth, scary but true, shin-chan, shinx, skull, south park, steppin wolf, super junior, the blue oyster cult, the candy spooky theater, the eurythmics, the gazette, thunders, unsraw, urban legends, video games, worst jobs in history, x-japan, yoshida brothers, yu yu hakusho, yuyu hakusho, zwei, しんちゃん, イーブイ, エレキッド, エレキブル, エレブー, コリンク, サンダース, ライチュウ, ライボルト, ラクライ, ルクシオ, レントラー, 幽☆遊☆白書, 幽遊白書, 日本, 日本語, 緒方恵美

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