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I ate way to much for lunch and too late too...

dinner will be ready soon T 3T I'm such a moron....

anyways... just sitting here waiting for registration to open for me so I can sign up for Japanese and math... sadly I'm going to be going to Japanese alone T 3T both friends who said they would can't now...

and I'll probably just be used because I'll know bare basics...

well with one friend I'm fine with helping her ...

ah well... anyways... the faster I get my credits and GPA... the faster I can apply to TUJ and the faster I apply to TUJ the sooner I'm in Japan...

I'm just getting really tired of having people look at me and thinking or even saying out loud to me that they don't think I'll do this that I'll give up half way..

I'm tired of being doubted, I'm tired of people trying to talk me out of what I want to do. I'm getting just... so sick and tired of it.

it often feels like I'm going against the entire world with wanting to do what I want with my future..

I just wish I had some support... instead all I get is doubt...


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