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May. 6th, 2009 06:02 pm
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You know... mom?

the reason why we always act like you never appreciate anything new is because YOU DON'T.

"Hey mom! we got the new dryer!"
"How much and how fancy is it?"
"After sales tax, buying the power cord, shipping and installation, $500 something but after we do the rebate for shipping and installation it'll go back down under $400 something! And it looks simple enough to where even I can remember how to use it! (which means, pretty fucking simple)"

then she does nothing but bitch and complain.

... okay I can see that... because it went over our $300-$400 limit.. but it will be brought back into the limit once they do the rebate.

dryer is installed today and she gets home dad and I show her

"why are they so close together?"
"because the tunnel thingy was just a little to short"
"fine, we'll put the old one on then"
both dad and I get frustrated and leave her to bitch... which causes more.

seriously... it gets really old REALLY fast. Its basically a daily occurrence done multiple times throughout the day...

and she can't figure out why we are at each other's throats all the time and I'm so desperate to get out of this house as soon as I can...


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