May. 13th, 2009

maxwell: (Bitch say what? - Yusuke)
is FULL of stupid people!

First we have to register for BOTH Summer AND Fall at the same time. Fine, I'll just have to explain to grandpa why I need to pull out another semester's registration fee. I'll get that budget when Fall starts.

Next, The Server that MySolano is on IS ALWAYS DOWN. NOW is NOT the best time to bring them down for maintenance Solano! With Registrations this month it'll piss off so many people! Do it a MONTH BEFORE Registrations!

and Now, I registered for both Summer and Fall... got my math and Japanese class for summer, perfect. Go to register for Fall... got both Art classes and my Japanese class... I go to sign up for my English class and it wont let me.... what? okay fine whatever, its a pass/no pass and I can't transfer that bullshit anyways.

but I go to pay for both semesters... and only fall is showing up to be paid... what? Where is summer?? I need to pay for Summer too! and it isn't lumped up together with fall..

so I'm not paying Fall until I can pay Summer... but knowing Solano, their heads will be to far up their ass to even care and will bump me from everything.

Why did they have to make internet registration the ONLY WAY to register? why can't we register in person with a counselor or call in and do registration that way?

I'm so sick and tired of this school and it's stupidity... I'm just so glad that if things work the way they should that by next year in August I'll never have to deal with this school and it's stupid staff ever again.


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