May. 7th, 2009

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Walked about 3 miles this morning with my friend~ she also found this old hoody she hardly wore and the best news? I fit it and its actually a little lose :D which is awesome news seeing as how I use to never even fit anything of hers :D so I AM losing weight/inches~

but its a really cute hoody... camo with black lace~ but... sadly it isn't hoody season anymore ; 3; spring is getting to warm to even wear t-shirts.. - A-;;

uhgn... my face is slightly burnt... and my feet have blisters... and I've covered basically both feet in band aids... XD

I'm so tired... I feel like I just want to skip gym tonight... but I shouldn't. Sides... I think it's to late to call and have them cancel me coming in or rearrange today's class ... ah well...

Oh my..

May. 7th, 2009 10:28 pm
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I have blisters on my feet... two have burst which leaves... one very small one that isn't to painful/interfering...

my feet are sore as fuck and I hobble...

my face is sun burnt... and we have no aloe...

its warm in my room so I'm forced to be in just my bra and panties...


but at least~ I have two pokedolls to look forward to being shipped sometime this weekend next week (fuck Japan and golden week DX)


gold and silver remakes for the DS 8D Heart Gold and Soul Silver... faggy names but eh... I like a handful of that generation of pokemon, I LOVED the poke'gear that had the cellphone and radio deal... and I loved that the mom saved money if you allowed her too... I hope they keep those things..

but I'm not going to be like everyone else and masturbate furiously over the remakes being officially announced... I am happy to have new games, but seriously...? once they are released... their 'shiny newness' will fade away and they'll bitch for a new generation or remake of another game generation... -shrug- I'm just happy to have my pokemon ;)

but seriously... with gold and silver being remade...



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